Where can I buy global forever stamp in Troy, MI?

I need to buy global forever stamp or one $1.20 postage stamp in Troy, MI.

I moved to The U.S. a month ago, I think I can only buy postage stamps at post office but I don t think they open at Sunday.

I heard I can buy them grocery stores? In that case, should I go to a customer service desk to ask for the stamps?

I would appreciate your help, thank you in advance.

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    Since these are not widely used, most stores that do sell US postage don't carry the Global Forever stamps. But you can use any amount of postage that adds up to at least $1.20. For a short time, the USPS website stopped selling the GF stamps, probably because the rate was about to go up and they didn't have a supply of the new stamps yet. People could still send letters, though, using regular postage in the right amount.

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