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Could anyone help my English study,please?

Making a phone call in English is one of the hardest thing to me, but I sometimes have to do it like when I make an appointment to see a doctor or something.

I sometimes make an appointment for my husband (I make a phone call instead of him), and I would like to know how to say it on the phone.

Could I say,

•"I would like to make an appoint for my husband" ?

•"I would like to make an appointment, but I am calling instead of my husband" ?

I would appreciate your help, thank you.

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    "Hello. I am calling to make an appointment for my husband to see Dr. Smith. My husband doesn't speak English well."

    That should be fine. You have said what you want and the reason for it, in case they question you calling instead of him.

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    5 years ago

    The first. Assuming that you sound like a woman it is not necessary to say that you are calling instead of your husband.

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