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Can goldfish see in the dark? And what should i do with a crazy goldfish?

i have always wondered if they could see in the dark, can they? And also i recently bought a new goldfish that is attacking my other goldfish which are alot bigger then it, I am thinking that it might feel threatened although my other goldfish leave it alone. Any ideas on what I can do with it?

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    No, goldfish can't really "see" in the dark. They do have an extremely well developed sense of smell and use this sense to get around the tank in the dark.

    If your tank is less than 20 gallons, adding another fish created an overcrowded situation in your tank. The established will bully in this situation.

    Ideally, goldfish should be introduced to a tank within 3-5 months. When selecting tankmates for other goldfish, it is never a good idea to add fish larger or smaller than the fish already in the tank. This will absolutely result in bullying. Also, you should only add similar type of goldfish. For example, if your current goldfish is an oranda, adding a bubble eye or ranchu would be a very poor choice because the oranda is a better swimmer than ranchus and bubble eyes. Also, never ever put a single tail comet or common goldfish in with fancies. These fish are the fastest swimmers and will absolutely out-compete other goldfish for food. Single tail goldfish also grow to be nearly 18 inches long and are best suited for ponds. Single tail goldfish must have at least 55 gallons of water per fish!

    If you can not provide at least a 20 gallon tank with an extremely powerful filter for your 2 goldfish, then you should return the new fish. If you have a proper 20 gallon tank with filter, then you should exchange the new goldfish for one of a similar size and swimming ability.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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