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Attempts to censor or punish scientists?

Do you agree that attempts to censor or punish scientists for holding dissenting views on issues such as evolution or climate change are not appropriate in a free society?


@Certified Jewish Geek, so you think censorship/punishment is OK then?

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  • 5 years ago

    I think that's been pretty much long-established within the scientific community; the non-scientific community (including the religious community) is often harder to convince simply because they don't have the ability (either through lack of education or lack of intellect) to really comprehend the problems with censorship of science (or any other field of endeavor, for that matter). The intelligent, educated community will ALWAYS be only a small fraction of the overall population, no matter what the topic at hand.

  • Let's see. The House Science committee is headed by an anti-climate change wacko who is castigating, intimidating, and trying to censor climate change scientists who have real evidence for climate change instead of the crap that wacko believes.

    And showing that the anti-evolutionists are full of crap is not censoring them.

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