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PC Gaming?

Is online-gaming (Multi-player) free on the PC? Could you give a few tips on how to go from playing on a console to playing on a PC? I play FPS or First-Person Shooters mainly. I also find that using the keyboard feels really awkward to me (I know how to type). I know were every letter is, but it feels really awkward reaching my pinky finger down to touch the CTRL key. (<-- just an example)

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    First off, it's free for most game, but not all games. Always check the individual game you're wanting to play to see if there's any sort of subscription service.

    Secondly, you can get game controllers. I recommend a cheap xBox controller as it's compatable with most games. (Playstation people will tell you about all these programs that "hack" the controls and let you use the Playstation controller. Do not listen to them. I dislike xBox and love Playstation with a passion, but hacking the controllers is a lot of work, if you're lucky enough to get a program that isn't tainted with a virus. Just get an xBox controller. It won't bite you.) You can also customize controls on your keyboard so it's easier for you.

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    The PC multiplayer world is pretty much a freelance world, there are paid and free games and servers... (although in almost all games there will always be free public servers and the multiplayer/social system is always free)

    If you don't like the keyboard and mouse combo, there are adapters and hacks to use just about any game controller on the PC

  • Anonymous
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    some game are free. But to win, you must buy stuff like powerful costumes swords etc. Otherwise it's very difficult. I'm not a fan of free online games.

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    It's all free and you will get used to the keyboard and mouse soon enough

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