My crush is suddenly avoiding me... does this mean he hates me?

I ve had a crush on this guy for a week and a half now. Just yesterday, we were getting along fine, and interacting positively with each other. Last night though, my friend dared me to send him an email saying something (dirty) in a foreign language as a joke. I sent it, curious to see his reaction. He then stopped responding to my emails. But my friends, who both really ship us, told me he wouldn t hate me, as he complimented me the other day, which he apparently does to nobody. So today, me and those two friends of ours were planning on the four of us to hang out together. But, my crush was totally avoiding me. At the end of lunch, me and my friend approached my crush. He started to talk to my other friends, but as soon as he saw me he ran away. I then later found out that he was deliberately avoiding *me* at lunch because he didn t want to hang out with me. Help, please?

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  • 3 years ago

    Perhaps his image of you was spoilt. Some guys prefer pure girls. You could talk to him about it that it was a joke. And well next time dont do stupid dares.

    • ?3 years agoReport

      Thanks. Yeah, I really regret going through with the dare. I did not mean what I said in the question, and he knows that, as my friend told him they had dared me to say it. I've also told him I was not serious, but he just ran away from me. :'(

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