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CRR asked in Science & MathematicsBiology · 4 years ago

Gene evolution?

What do you think is the BEST example of gene evolution from this article?

New Scientist: Five classic examples of gene evolution


@MARK. This was given as a credible reference by Lighting the Way, I did not go looking for it. Lighting is citation bluffing and I am calling his bluff.

But feel free to pick your own BEST example.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    May be you should be honest and tell us where you are going with this. You think evolution is a lie. Why did you go looking for this? You must have searched for this because the article is seven years old. It was not something you stumbled across in the current issue. They are all examples of the way evolution has occurred. Why would anyone of them be better than another one? It is populations that evolve so to me the title "gene evolution" is a bit strange. We need to be clear about "New Scientist". It is a popular science magazine for the general public and it has been known to get things wrong. It is not a learned journal and the articles that appear in it are not peer reviewed.

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