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Has anyone one ever heard of a California Scrub Jay singing like a songbird?

For at least 7-8 years I have had a Female Jay that has raised many clutches of baby Jays and has become so to speak used to me and she follows me around, catches treats and hangs out by my outdoor aviaries of Budgies and Cockatiels. Yesterday she was sitting about 12 inches from my shoulder on a branch and singing like a songbird, warbling, whistling every so softly that I could barely hear it if it wasn't for her throat filling with air and I heard her singing, I was amazed. Is this common? All I ever hear from Jays is about 10 different calls, nothing like a canary!.

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    I have never heard that. But I have known cockatiels do that when they are feeling amorous.

    This website says that the scrub jay does it too, during breeding season and when the two mates are close together.

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      Well either have I, but seeing it and hearing it was really weird. I,m not a young puppy and have been an outdoor person all of my life and usually nothing really surprises me just fascinates me, but this was a first. And no, this is not a figment of my imagination! Thanks for the info!

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