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What were some main concerns of the Romantic literary circle in the early 19th century ?

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    In 19th century, the place was more conservative and unlike what it is like today. Womens had no right to vote and men in Europea were expected to hold Chrisitian Values because of the threat of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was a Muslim empire that killed Constantinople and made it into what is today called Istanbul. This was a shock to the Christian world so every country made sure to settle even harder into their christian roots and become more conservative and modest. In 19th century, Ottoman Empire was already 100s of years old. Because of this conservativeness, writing about romantic things was looked down upon. One of the many virtues of christianity is being modest. Romantic literary circle in the early 19th century was definitely not modest. It was lewd. It would be like comparing porno magazine to today. Other than being immodest, ROmantic literacy circle was a concern because in the 19th century, the Europe had suffered a very long grueling war because of Napoleon. Becuase of this, paper was needed for war (writing maps etc). Papers was a rare commodidty and if it existed, it need to be handed off to Napoleon. As a result, writing romantic literary circles in a time of war was considered incredibly unpatriotic.

    There are many more concerns with romantic literaeray circles but these are the mains issues.

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