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Most accurate translation for the word Faith into Korean?

I'm studying Korean currently and I know Google translate is piss poor at being accurate. My name is Faith, and I want to be able to write it correctly in Hangul. Currently ive been using Google's translate of belief which is 진앙, but the first translation for faith is 믿음 (trust). Which, if either, is most correct?

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    I'm Native Korean speaker.

    '페이스' is just how 'faith' is said in Korea. (I mean, pronunciation). It is fine for your name.

    I think google wanted to show you '신앙' not '진앙'.

    But '신앙' is too religious word. I would never use it.

    '믿음' is good. it means "belief". Also fine for your name.

    choose anything 믿음 or 페이스.

    - See, almost every koreans' name is written in 2 words.

    - I .personally. recommend 믿음.

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    The word most accurate for faith that I can think of is 믿음 (which roughly translates to belief, trust, faith).

    I'm not sure why you are using 진앙 because it translates to 'epicenter'.

    Since your name is Faith, you can simply write it in hangul which is 페이스

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