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Do I need a windows 10 key for my windows 10 reinstall if I downloaded windows 10 for free when it was offered in 2015?

I had to reinstall windows 10 because there was an annoying error with my wifi that I couldn't fix.

I don't remember inputting any code.

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    Nope, no key needed.

    If you did the free upgrade and activated your Windows, it will activate again as long as the hardware is the same.

    Re-install Win10 from the install media that you can download from the Microsoft web page. When it asks for a key, skip that part. Once the install is complete it should activate again automatically.

    You only need a new key if you buy a new computer. The Win10 licence you have is linked to that particular machine.

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    You didn't input the license (product key) when you upgraded your Win 7 or Win 8 computer back then because the Win 10 upgrade used the existing product key to activate itself.

    No you don't have to input the license to activate it again.

    After you reinstall Win 10, once you boot up it will activate itself once it detects internet connectivity. This is usually done within the same day (mostly within an hour or so). Sometimes there is a delay because the activation servers are down. If you have not reactivated by 2 business days, then something has gone wrong but only Microsoft can resolve. Here is their contact link. If you use this link during normal business hours you can set up a live chat session with a technical spt person.

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