What web browsers will work with XP and an Intel (R) Celeron (TM) 1.2 GH processor.?

This processor will not work with SSE2. Also, the web browsers must be downloadable with IE8.

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  • 4 years ago
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    Both Opera and Firefox should work. You'll have to upgrade XP to at least SP2 if it's not already.

    Opera, in particular, doesn't seem to have plans to drop XP support. I can't tell if SP1 or plain XP is a problem, though. Give it a try:


    You can install an older version of Firefox if you need to run on original XP or SP1 for some reason. Look here for links and lots of warnings. Do read the note about disabling automatic updates, since FF's default behavior on installing an old version will be to immediatly upgrade to the newest version


    Chase links for "Directory of other versions and languages" to find a version by number. There are no dates on directories, so you'll have to go to the bottom of each branch to find dates on files.

    Here's the link for Firefox 13.01 (Windows, EN-US):


  • Dave
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    4 years ago

    XP is dead. No modern browsers work on it, that I am aware of. (Try Firefox)

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