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How to lose weight?

I weigh a LOT... and I mean A LOT... I weigh nearly 250 pounds (yes 250!) I am 17 and I think I noticed I was particularly heavy when I was 11. I would eat ice cream once a day and multiple realitively healthy snacks. Then in October this year, I think here's what happened: My dad is an alcoholic and when he doesn't drink, he tries to replace it with junk food and the junk food tempts me. My favorite teacher died in October and I think it may have led to emotional eating. I feel like whatever I try I just won't be able to ever lose weight! How can I resist the urge to eat so much and actually continue to lose weight? Since I need a goal, I want to try to lose 130 pounds in 3 years. Should I stick to being more realistic? What should I do?


I'm female if it helps.

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    You are very overweight , but diet sensibly , just try to lose between 2 and 3 pounds a week , if you try to lose more then you will lose heart , smaller portions and more exercise will do it . exercise is the key . It would help you to join a slimming club where you will get all the encouragement that you need .

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