Can't reset iPhone 6?

My brother gave me his iPhone 6 when he upgraded to a 7. When I go into setting his name is up the top. It automatically tells me to sign in to iCloud. He gave me his password but when I try it it tells me his apple verification has been locked for security reasons. He has 2 emails as well. It than tells me to verify account which Iv done on his behalf and still nothing. Iv tried factory resetting but it keeps telling me to sign in. It then goes on to say the hotmail address Apple ID doesn't exist.

It's really annoying. All I want to do is set it up as my phone with my name at the top and iCloud details.

Is it going to help if he deletes the phone off his iTunes on his computer.

It's hard as we are in different states.

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    Basically you need to get back to the factory setting and start again. To do this you need your brother's cooperation. If the Apple ID and password he gave you do not work then he will have to go through the verification (lost password) schedule, security questions and all. Hopefully he will do that for you and then reset the security on his own phone, since that is likely to be the same.

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