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Making a profit?

I was planning on making some art for a special deck of playing cards, which would cost me about $15 per deck to have printed and shipped to me. About how much would I want to sell them for a profitable gain, without being unreasonably high?

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    Upon some quick research into this, pricing of the cards will vary based on the stage of production.

    AT THE PRE-PRODUCTION STAGE (artwork being proposed & nothing printed), the general ceiling is about $15 / deck (based on past & current Kickstarter campaigns)... which eliminates any thoughts of profit as you'll have to spend money covering fees with the crowdsourcing platform you choose to use & shipping costs to backers.

    AT THE POST-PRODUCTION STAGE (cards are printed & on hand), you can typically get away with a 30% mark-up... depending on the design. This would place the sell price up to $20 / deck, but unless you're using high-quality stock with a fairly unique & potentially complex design... it may be a hard sell.

    You may want to check with your printer about any potential bulk print discounts to help lower the cost per deck (which gives you a bit more breathing room on setting the final price), if you haven't already... otherwise, you might want to do a bit more research online. Check previous campaigns on custom-printed cards to see what pledge level they set for one deck & companies that have gone into (& out of) business making custom-printed decks to give you a better idea on where to price your cards post-production.

    This is more of an economics & business deal... which does make it a challenge, so I do seriously recommend taking some time & do your research.

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