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how to make cement/concrete bike rack (??? about cement ???) any advice?

locking bicycle trailer $1000+, only option is to lock outside but nothing to lock to.

plan is to use and fill container with cement and enclose a locking rail. laid flat on side with exposed locking mount.

I have NO specialty tools, nor any knowledge about cement.

do i need to reinforce? how

mix myself; or use Quickrete

dont attempt and higher contractor

(trash can will be completely upright until dry/set)

is this a process? (fill 1/2 way insert mounts/supports, then complete filling)

or can i just make supports and fill-in with cement

online calculators state 20lbs per gallon conversion (approx 450 lbs)

1 - "slim jim" 23gal garbage can (layed on side)

1 - U-lock (u-shackle upright, centered in block)


- or-

1 - "slim jim" 23 garbage can (layed on side)

configured 1" black iron pipe (rail upright)

enclosed t-rail @ both ends; with exposed locking rail

(foot) T-rail > "x" height > 90 elbow > rail > elbow > t-rail


- or -

15" cubed cement block (260lbs)

with gate/post driver (pre filled with cement) and (some of handles enclosed, and 1" pipe in center with just T joints, maybe stubs in base of block)

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  • XTX
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    use the Quikrete and get iron pipe to lock your bike into the pipe in two places using the very heaviest chain that cannot be cut with bold cutters -- recommend a disc lock that fits close to the chain to discourage a hack saw or bolt cutters. The pipe should be anchored with cross rebar so it cannot be pulled up and the pipe long enough to secure the bike twice == be sure that you have a single key in your wallet and it is for both locks .... pipe to be buried in the ground at both ends about 24 inches ..... anyone that is looking to steal your bike will not go to all the trouble to get this unlocked if you have wrapped the frame and wheels in a manner that will prevent theft ..... get a red canvas cover and make it easy to see that it remains secure .... XTX

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  • 3 years ago

    You just mix a bag of Quickcrete with about 3/4- 1 gallon of water and pour it into whatever form you made. Mix it just barely wet enough to flow around the rail. Wear gloves, cement has a high pH, that stuff will burn you.

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