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How to stop freaking out?

This year i don't know what happened to me but i start to freak out over everything like if someone called my name (one time i was washing dishes and mom was next to me cooking when she said fatima i freaked out strongly so i mean i knew she was next to me she didn't appear suddenly ) or if someone touched me even little things make me freak out So what to do this happens to me daily about 6-8 times a day and my parents are worried they told me i should try to stop it because it will effect my health and i. Scaring them every time they think something serious happened or someone got hurt , so ...how can i stop it ? , it happens suddenly 😞 Really can't control it

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  • 4 years ago

    you have anxiety

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I find that being stoned all day on cannabis helps a lot, in fact, it has saved lives, although, I hate being stoned all the time, it's expensive and illegal, and sometimes it doesn't work completely, due to dosage/trauma triggers. I can't seem to figure out what else to do about it, except...


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    What sucks, is that, I know I'm freaking out because I was raped and framed by the 3 women that raised me, and I was gearing up to quit smoking when I was purposely given back the memories of abuse, and then framed to be a stalker, as if I'm the abuser in all this (I'm a product of abuse and experimentation in the occult). Part of my recovered memories is them brainwashing me to smoke myself to death, beg for cancer, to be raped in my sleep, to think myself responsible for people dying or being raped, to incriminate myself in their agendas, for a fire being set, etc.., even had a kid in 8th grade start masturbating in the middle of class just to blame it on me. The occult elite gets away with whatever it wants, but they can't agree amongst themselves, and therefore, fight, causing others much harm, in fact, completely ruining people's lives and family lines. Police are under strict orders to ignore victims of such abuse, in fact, to help provide evidence of their just being insane.

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