Why are the HTML tags <html> and <body> needed? Text seems to display just fine without either.?


Is there an example of something than doesn't work when <html> and <body> are missing?

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  • When creating WEB PAGES, each page must contain <html> at the beginning then <body> and...... The body must be closed with </body> and the page must be ended with </html>....... Not doing this will cause html tags to not be understood and content display will have no sensible order........

    Fonts works without using html and body because when you are doing the font thing on webpages that you are visiting (like forums, for instance), it's already pre-coded with html and body, which is why you are able to do so without the use of the html and body tags......

  • 4 years ago

    <body> is needed to tell the browser how to differentiate text for the title vs. the body.

    <html> is needed to tell the browser what format you're using, as opposed to, say, XML.

  • joe
    Lv 6
    4 years ago

    Then don't use them if you feel the are not needed!

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