I have an opportunity to buy a M1A .308 Win Loaded with a JAE-100 gen 3 chassis for $1900. The gun has 100 rounds through it. Good deal?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Yes that's a good deal. The stock alone goes for almost that much, though you could also call JAE and buy a blemished stock for much less.

    Just a forewarning however, the JAE chassis is very heavy. It's excellent in every other aspect, but don't expect to lug this thing around major distances.

  • 3 years ago

    holy ****.. $1,900 for a rifle? i have never paid more than $300 for a rifle in my life and my best .308 will shoot sub MOA all day... you got to ask yourself.. is it being more expensive better? why does it cost that? what will it do a cheaper rifle will not? no way in hell id pay that for any rifle other than a .50cal.

  • BBean
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    3 years ago

    $1900 is about the max going price. I believe that it will come down in the future even though it is an excellent rifle it isn`t that "sought after" rifle that you must rush out and buy before they are not available. It is in the high dollar range for a rifle and as good as it may be there are just other options that will do the same job just as good.

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