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Painful episodes of IBS since childhood. Any suggestions for instant relief?

I have suffered from IBS as a child due to a bad reaction to MMR vaccination.

I'm 30 years old now and I still suffer from IBS. I get these horrible, painful stomach aches and I'll be having either painful diarrhoea or passing huge, painful and sore stools.

I've asked the pharmacy and my doctor for medicines but they never work.

Is there anything else I can try? Please help me, I'm serious and desperate for advice, the last time I asked this question, people were being silly putting silly answers on my question.

Surely there is at least one expert who is a YA member.

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    1. Set right solar plexus.

    A displaced Solar Plexus* is felt by all IBS patients- If You have a displaced solar plexus, which requires replacement,

    How to diagnose it? Put both your little fingers side by side and join the lines in your palms exactly accurate. Check the edges of your little fingers, you can find out that one is up and another is down.

    2. IBS capsules 1 cap bds after lunch & dinner.

    3. Gas + GERD support-1cap after lunch & dinner.

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    so sorry please read [ ] and read on allergies and ibs

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    There are some new prescription medications available now for IBS.

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    well from what you described you don't have IBS

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    I have IBS too and 10 minutes ago, I felt so bloated it was painful and could feel a sensation of very soon doubling over with stabbing pains, so I decided to get on my stationary exercise bike and do 10 minutes of riding and now, I feel a considerable relief.

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    Here on yahoo answers - I don't think there's any medical professionals so the the medical type questions are usually ignored or suggestions to go to the doctor though, you could try a acupuncturist or perhaps try some herbal treatment remedies from a naturopath

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