Chemistry hw on matter. Please help im lost.I was sick for a class but i still need to turn it in?

I am so lost. Which are substances and which are mixtures? And if they are substances, is it an element or compound. And if it is a mixture, is it a homogeneous or heterogeneous. Calcium, kool aid, milk, iron, quartz, lemons, water, propane, and ATP?

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  • 2 years ago
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    Elements: calcium, iron.

    Compounds: water, propane, ATP.

    Homogeneous mixture: kool aid.

    Heterogeneous mixture: lemons.

    Milk is a mixture; it's homogeneous if it's been "homogenized." (Duh !!)

    Tricky: Quartz -- it's MOSTLY the compound SiO2, but usually includes some other trace elements, so I guess you have to call it a mixture.

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  • DrBob1
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    2 years ago

    They are all "Substances"; you need to know if they are "Pure substances". There is just one kind of a pure substance. Like Calcium. There are many kinds of mixtures. Like Kool aid. Now try it.

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