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In Canada what do you have to pay out of pocket when you give birth in a hospital to your newborn baby?

In USA on my plan it totals around $19,000 with the hospital stay being close to $10,000.

That doesn't include Caesarian or special added delivery complications that's the minimum

If can cost $45,000 as many services are excluded from plan coverage and denied on a case by case basis with strict criteria to qualify for coverage,

Insurance premiums for healthcare are around $650/month for families and almost all of the first $6,500 of medical anything you pay out of pocket every year

Is this similar in Canada? Does this sound affordable?

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    Generally Canadians pay nothing out of pocket. That does not mean it's "free" as Canadians pay tax, part of which goes into.healthcade.

    However every hospital will have add ons like private/semi private rooms, TV, WiFi etc. These you have to pay for.

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      lol obviously we have to pay for those things but excluding those things it's $15,000-$20,000 minimum per hospital delivery on most insurance plans

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    No, of course not. We have universal healthcare in Canada. We pay for healthcare through taxes and a small annual premium. I had a section and nearly three weeks in hospital - no charge.

    "The premium is based on income. If you were a resident of Ontario at the end of the year, and your taxable income is more than $20,000, you have to pay the premium. Individuals with taxable income of $20,000 or less are exempt."

    Hope it goes well for you.

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