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How to get a horse that really dosent want to stop to do a sliding stop?

Hi I have been trying to teach my horse a sliding stop however she just doesn't understand my body movements. I do know what I'm doing and she just won't listen, she will only reply to the rein pressure but it's still really hard to pull her up. In a walk it's fine when I pull on the reins she replies straight away with hardly any pressure at all. Any answers would be great thanks

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  • Snezzy
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    3 years ago

    See if you can get someone to work you and the horse on the longe, while you ride without stirrups and without reins, going through all transitions. You (and the horse) will find it difficult, but one you have mastered that aspect of riding, you and the horse will be astonished at how much better your hands have become. The person working the longe must absolutely be someone who understands the longe, not someone who just holds a rope.

    Why is this crazy exercise the right thing? Well, it's what the Spanish Riding School gives to all new cadets, and those are folks who already think they know how to ride quite well.

    Meanwhile, z666 is totally on target.

    • Mimi3 years agoReport

      Thanks I will try this

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  • 3 years ago

    So, to do a sliding stop you get up to a gallop, then sit back and haul on the reins, right?

    Wrong. A sliding stop is an advanced move, after you teach the horse self carriage and stopping on the slightest cue smoothly and collectedly from all gaits. Even then you don't have the sliding stop; you just have the stop.

    From your question, it does not appear that you do know what you're doing, nor that you yourself have the skills for this.

    Get a coach if you want to advance.

    • Mimi3 years agoReport

      from what I have said it does sound like I don't know what I'm doing but I know that you don't pull on the reins the only time I do when practising a sliding stop is after I have used my body movements (stopped my body from moving in the saddle, hips squared, shoulders locked) but she wont listen

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