What does "she has grean eyes" mean?

Hi i am studying translation in today's lecture my professor was talking about idioms she told us that American or English speakers when they are talking about someone and criticising him/her for example:

Oh she was rude she even has green eyes .

They mean she is from low social class not educated etc ! I was like what the hell i can't believe this they are not racist i never heard about this before , she said well.. it is their language

Then she said they don't even find girl with green eyes really beautiful because of that , they prefer girls with blue eyes !!! Is that true people ? because i can't believe it

1 Answer

  • 3 years ago

    Green eyes. Aka. The Green Eyed Monster.

    It means someone is jealous. That's all. Nothing else. It's not racist. It's not classist.

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