GTA V Hanger?

If you own a Hanger in LSIA will the gates open up for you or do you still have to ramp the fence and if you have one in the Fort will they just allow you to wonder the base with no wanted level?

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  • 3 years ago
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    If you own an LSIA hanger then I'll assume the gates will open for you - this also happens if you have called up a Pegasus plane and it spawns at the airport, the gates at the side open up.

    Fort Zancudo hangers afford the owner low level access to the base. You can fly over it at any time, you can wander around pretty much anywhere (you can't go into the tower though) and the gates open for you if you drive there. You will still get a wanted level if you take one of their vehicles but only a 2 star and they won't blow you out the sky.

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