Ideas on starting a dm conversation with a girl? Answer and I'll answer 1 for you!?

There's a girl I'm friends with on Facebook and instagram and I think she's really cute. We went to the same community college together (her a year behind me) but never met. I'm now at a university and she's doing online classes for a separate university (I know from what she puts on Facebook). I want to start messaging her, but don't exactly know the best way besides hey and thats not creative nor do I think would make someone interested in a conversation. I also thought about talking about not realizing we went to the same community college but I'm not sure again. Do you have any ideas?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Have you considered just coming straight out and saying, "Hey, I just noticed we went to the same college. Wanna meet for lunch?"

    See where it goes from there.

    • robert3 years agoReport

      Your profile seems to be private. If you post the link to your question here I'll answer it.

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