I feel terrible for joining another group for a project in college. What do you think?

We have to have 3-4 people for a project in a class and I had posted on a disccssion for any group that needed a person or didn’t have a group. After a week I had only heard from 1 person who needed a group and after 4 more days no one else. Today a group of 3 (1 of which I knew) asked for me to join their group and after I found out we couldn’t have 5, I joined the group of 3. I feel awful for ditching the guy but the groups have to be finazlied in about a week and half. Would you feel awful too?

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  • 2 years ago
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    It was sort of rude, although since there couldn't be a group of two, you'd have had to split up anyway. But you could have discussed it with him first.

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