Why are people so hesitant to show id at bars, hotels, gas stations?

Even when its to verify name on card or just to show proof of age or just chalk up a storm and sometimes yell at you when your doing your job.

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  • 2 years ago

    If there is a legal age limit on doing certain activities then anyone providing those activities has a legal requirement to check the age of anyone asking for those services. Some countries like mine, Australia, specify exactly what is acceptable ID which is either a driver's licence or a Proof-of-age card. Passports are accepted for overseas visitors but not locals. If you cannot show the legally acceptable ID or refuse to show it, you don't get to buy the product or get into the venue.

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    2 years ago

    Maybe they have a rebellious spirit "against the man".

    The want respect, rights, and privileges, but have to contend with others who would deny them in an adult society.

    There are primeval and fundamental urges that can't be denied.

    Their need for recreation is like sex, only psychic (instead of physical), and rooted in the mass of society (instead of individual choice).

    Their hesitancy to show id could be a silent protest against the system to which they are slaves and addicts.

    • cdude1002 years agoReport

      Some people just don't understand how much trouble the person behind the counter can get into if they don't have proof

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  • 2 years ago

    They're lazy assholes who feel the need to abuse people who are just doing their job.

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