I can't remember the name of this mystery book?

So I read this murder mystery- type book a couple years ago & I can't remember the title, author, or names of characters. Its very hard to find a book without that information, so hopefully someone will recognise this plot:

This old lady dies by falling out of a window, I think. She is neighbors with this family, and the boy is the main character. He thinks she might have been murdered or something and then he becomes the target of attempted murders. He gets a shell-gun thing shot at him & flower pot almost hitting his head. The worst part is that the murderer is someone he knows. His sister or aunt or someone in his family is planning her wedding and I think her fiance or someone friends with the family is his suspect. When the murderer pushed the lady out the window, her cat scratched his arm, so the boy looks for someone with long sleeves. He pulls the sleeve off one guy and there are scratches so he knows its him& the guy is now openly trying to kill him. He tries things such as posoining some chicken dinner and putting it outside his door to his room so he thinks his mom made it for him. He isnt hungry so he feeds it to his cat, who gets sick & he realizes it was poisioned. I forget a lot of details but it ends with them in the house together alone & he was gonna kill the boy somehow, and the boy picks up a random spider and says its a black widow & throws it on his face& he runs. It turned out to be the lady's son who killed her, cause of money or something

1 Answer

  • 2 years ago

    Don;t know that book. But try "A Mansion in the Desert".

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