Do you think this is my ex wanting to get back together? Or just nice? Answer and I’ll answer 1 for you!?

We broke up a 2nd time 7 months ago. We didn’t give each other our stuff till 2 months ago. When we did, we talked some about getting back together and she said she didn’t want to talk or see me. We hadn’t talked since until she text me last week about an internship at her moms company which she visits a lot and then text me a few days later telling me how proud she was of me graduating college and how we had talked about graduating for so long. When we previously talked about getting back together she asked why I didn’t come after her like I did after we broke up the 1st time. So idk if this is her trying to initiate something or just being nice?

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  • J
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    2 years ago
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    sounds like she is testing the waters, brother this is up to you. If you want her back romantically just let her know that if she wants go back just to let you know is that simple, other wise you are becoming her male girlfriend or text pal. You have to go for what you want brother

    • robert2 years agoReport

      I can’t answer a question because your profile is private. If you post the link here I’ll answer it that way

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  • Dave
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    2 years ago

    Trying to intiate... but on the flip side, she seems like a real pain in the ***? You sure the juice is worth the squeeze?

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