How much does it cost to be a foreign exchange student?

I see many foreign exchange students from places like Germany, China, and the UK around my school. How much does it cost to be a foreign exchange student in a place like Germany or the UK? and hypothetically if I wanted to, how would I become a foreign exchsnge student in a country like Germany or the UK?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Ask your school - assuming you're under 18, your school will probably be part of an exchange organisation, and they can advise on your options and the costs.

  • Kyle
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    3 years ago

    your school may have their own programs. look online or talk with a counselor about studying abroad programs they may have. see what requirements are to apply, any fees, and other questions. it may depend on what you're studying too, as that may limit on your choices.

    depending on your field of study, internships maybe another option. your school may partner with companies that have overseas positions, and could cover the costs to work for them for internship programs. even if they aren't paying jobs, the experience will be far more beneficial than just any other standard job. companies these days require education and experience even for entry level positions. internships will come in handy down the road. some companies will hire you on full time as well when you graduate. even some schools have co-op programs where internships can substitute as college credit towards your degree. so again, ask a counselor or professor within your field.

  • 3 years ago

    Through most programs it costs about $2000-5000. You pay the program to assist you in proper student Visas, transportation costs including airfare and train and some financial assistance to the host family for room and food. In some cases you need to sign up and pay tuition for non-public schools for some countries do not have free state schools or free city schools. You also need to provide your own health insurance in some countries, or apply and pay for state or national health insurance in countries like Japan, England, Holland and Germany. You can sign up through a website like

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