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What is a good workout routine to get lean?

What is a good routine to get a lean body?, what should I eat? and how many days should I work out? I can’t go to a gym and I can only use a bench press and a set of dumbells for weights.

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  • 2 years ago

    If you want to gain lean muscle both nutrition and physical activity are important. You have to increase your physical activities with proper nutritional support otherwise without diet change your progress will stall.

    You can get following foods in your diet to reduce weight fast -


    -Chicken breast

    -Green Yogurt



    -Cottage Cheese


    -Lean Jerky


  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    i think the keto diet with almost any workout is probably the fastest way to get lean. I don't endorse it myself but realize that it is probably true. I personally look at all forms of working out and diets and pick something I know I will stick with or otherwise it's a waste of time if i won't keep it up. Also, everything is on youtube. The trick is separating the hype from the truth. Scooby 1961 is one of the few bodybuilders I trust. If it is someone selling anything then I pretty much don't trust them to be completely honest because they are in it for gain and not your best interest.

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