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Why do the tax agents always tell me different hings every time I do my tax return?

I've been going to the same place to do my tax return for four years and they keep telling me I can claim this and that but when next year I bring receipts for this and that they decide I actually CAN'T claim tax on them? As far as I know you can claim anything you use for work directly such as my uniform, shoes, stationary etc but when I brought in receipts for the 3 paid of steel cap boots I bought over the past year they said "Why did you buy so many? You can only claim one pair a year" to which I was shocked since the previous years I always got tax back for multiple shoes! I work an extremely physical job, my shoes do not last more than four months and even by that point they're falling apart and I buy high quality shoes! She also said I can't claim socks, I always could before, I can't claim stationary because "I couldn't prove it was for work purposes" they never asked for proof before and god knows how I would even prove that, do I need photos of myself using a pen at work? It seems like their job is to get me as little tax back as possible!

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  • They have probably worked out over the years that you are not making genuine claims. Anyone who sits at a desk using a pen does not need steel capped boots. Any company that does require you to wear them, would actually supply them free, so no claim.

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    Ask them to show you where it says you cannot claim something or ask the tax department directly.

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    Because tax laws change every year. And you have to itemize deductions for those items AND they must have no other use than work.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    If u claimed them before and now theh say u can not ask them why is that. Maybe they changed the rules. My friend worked as an accountant she had to subscribe for their magazine and read updates every month. Everything changed all the time

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  • Judy
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    2 years ago

    Find another tax place. There's no limit of one a year. But you can only claim them if you have enough to itemize, and the standard deduction doubles this year.

  • Shay
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    2 years ago

    Sorry. I am not from your country, so I don't know for sure but I would make a guess that maybe the tax laws change each year. That happens in my country all the time. Tax laws change and it reduces or changes how certain deductions can be applied.

    The other issue might be tax agents who are not doing it correctly. Either one year someone wrote out deductions you shouldn't have gotten or other years, they left off things you should have been able to claim.

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