What is it with society? I have a form of vestiphobia according to my psychologist and so many people are not compassionate at all!?

I hate wearing clothing due to my body thermostat being out of wack and I'm allergic to certain kinds of fabric, but people are so uncomfortable being around someone that prefers not to wear anything and this greatly reduces my social life! Obviously in public there are laws that force me to be dressed, but why are people so uncomfortable with letting me be undressed in social situations where the public can't see? It's just crazy and not fair.

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  • rick
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    1 year ago

    Clothing has been optional at my house, since I retired. It doesn't take long, for my lady friends to get used to the idea. Nudity is the normal state. Clothes are an affectation, and display of affluence or superiority. I'm surprised that churches don't endorse and encourage nudity. It does fit their claimed values and mores!

    • rick
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      1 year agoReport

      My men friends are less comfortable around naked men. I don't push it. Clothing OPTIONAL. It's a comfort thing, in the extreme desert heat, not a moral or idealistic thing!

  • 1 year ago

    Vestiphobia is not a medical condition. It is a mental disorder. To expect people to accept your idea of how to deal with it is not only unreasonable but unrealistic. Move your happy a$$ to a nudist colony if you want to walk around naked all day and quit expecting people to feel sorry for you, stupid troll!

    • Muzzle1 year agoReport

      Regarding phobias, if I was going to have a visitor that I knew had arachnipobia then I would do a quick sweep of my house to make sure there are no spiders around before they arrive, that is just a courteous thing to do. That is how.

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