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Best advice for buying baby clothes? Or where to buy it?

I’m thinking about putting him/her in plain onesies for the majority of the first year or so. I know they grow like weeds and so I don’t want to waste a ton of money buying “cute” clothes that they’ll grow out of in a month or so. I know I can obviously resell these items, but is that the best bet? I mean, of course I’ll want to dress my baby up every now and then, but generally speaking. Do any moms know where to buy bundles of onesies, or good, decently priced baby stores in general? Also, I’m seeing a lot of “0-3” month labeled things in my searches. How often exactly would you say babies grow out of their clothes? I realize it’s different for everyone, but on average. Thank you so much for any help, i’m going to be a young mom and of course my baby will be cared for and loved as much a possible, i just don’t think it’s very necessary to be all flashy with the clothes or “baby shoes” and stuff.

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    *Just back from our OshGosh outlet, it’s even online. $9.97 for a three-piece baby outfit - a bodysuit, top, and coordinating pants. That’s cheaper than Goodwill used!* I owned a Once Upon a Time. I paid pennies on the dollar for newborn - 3 month clothes, even new. Parents get way too much in these sizes. I recommend a 6-Pack of onsies (long sleeve in cooler months), and a half dozen pull-on pants. These are good “around the house” clothes. Get a couple outfits. My babies all wore Robeez crib shoes — these fit like socks and dress up an outfit. They are hard to kick off, don’t constrict foot development like typical shoes, and last a few months on average. Of course there are more items you can get, but those and sleepers are pretty much basic. Buy as needed.

    Source(s): ( I have had luck with clearance rack clothes at Carters and Osh Gosh, ya just gotta shop!)
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    Best advice: have small babies then you can save money by buying clothes for dolls and toys and putting that on them. Boom!

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    They won't fit you go save your money

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    why ask us?

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    Here are some suggestions:

    1. Look for a used or consignment store to purchase clothes. You can often find very nice items for pennies on the dollar.

    2. Don't over-buy the fancy stuff. You are right that in the first year they grow fast and seasons change.

    3. You need to be mindful of the weather in your area. A onesie is basically a t-shirt with snaps. That isn't enough coverage for babies in many situations.

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    ask around for donations from other mommas

    they grow out of them so fast

    they'll love to clean shop

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    I got some from the local second hand shop

    Try therr

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    I was lucky and had a sister in law who had a daughter that was a few months older than my daughter. For the first two years, I bought almost nothing because I would get bags full of clothes that her daughter had outgrown. If you are lucky enough to have family, then family cloth swapping and passing among family members is the best way to boost a baby's wardrobe.

    Aside from that, stores like dollar general usually carry baby items for a fairly low price. If you have a goodwill or other donation type store near you, that is a great source. Garage sales are also a good option if you catch the ones that do have baby items for sale.

    For around the house, I often left my babies in their sleepers. (You know, the full body pajamas with feet) I had tons of those sleepers and they were warm enough for winter. For summer, the onesies and pants are sometimes enough or add a t-shirt if it is a cool day. Infants can't regulate body temperature as well as an adult can.

    I also had several outfits that looked like sweat pants and sweat tops that were cute. These were great for going to the store with the baby or just going out in general.

    As for sizes, that really depends on each baby. My babies were already so big at birth that I really didn't get much use out of the 0 to 3 sizes and was almost immediately into 3 to 6 month sizes. (my second baby was 8 lbs, 6 oz at birth and my first was almost 8 lbs at birth) For that reason, be careful how much you buy in 0 to 3 and focus more on 3 to 6 month sizes. Unless your baby is very small at birth, the 3 to 6 month could be used even if is is a little large if you don't have enough of the 0 to 3 size between washing them. Once you know the size of your baby, you can also get a few more things in the smallest size if your baby will need them longer.

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    Onesies won't be warm enough (depending where you live) for at least half of the year, so you have to buy warmer clothing. Newborns and young babies have very little body fat and get cold faster than you and I do.

    Our daughter buys her daughters' clothing through Facebook Swap Shop groups, and sometimes through Craigslist, only meeting in public places of course to purchase things. Her daughters are always dressed nicely and she often gets large lots of clothing for only $25 or $30.

    Infant growth can't really be predicted, but our girls moved up a size every four months or so for the first year. Our youngest granddaughter is three years old and is petite, so some of her 2T things from last year will still fit her this Winter.

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