can someone try and explain this situation to me?

ok so I know I am better off asking a doctor/therapist /psychiatrist but I just need help.

I have depression, it was pretty obvious from the start of 7th grade because i was being bullied badly by almost every kid in my grade and on top of that,being pressured into dating somebody I had NO feelings for. I am 19 now and I still deal with it but it comes and goes, there are times where I will just get really sad and then just not want to do anything and there are other times where I will get angry about something and all of a sudden I have all these 'thoughts' again and i don't know why. any ideas? some people think i am not actually depressed and get mad when I don't have things go my way but that isn't it at all, it's like its here for a few hours maybe 5 to 6 and goes away and nothing wrong happens until I start to feel randomly sad again or i get really mad.

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  • 2 years ago
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    I think you explained it. Sometimes the memories and feelings of being bullied return, sort of like a dormant virus. When it comes, it feels so lousy, but then it goes. So, remind yourself that it does go away, be nice to that bullied boy in you, and never forget that people who get bullied have never learned to be a$$holes. If that's you, then you have the skills of a civilized person for a civilized world. History shows that the civilized always win the long run. That goes for you, too.

  • Papa-G
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    2 years ago

    Could be late puberty.

    The hormonal surge that causes the physical changes of puberty can take a toll on your emotions. You might even experience powerful mood swings.

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