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Am I a bad son?

Like every teenager I just like to be left alone and I over heard my parents saying I’m never talking to them

What do they expect. Mostly every teenager is anti social I am always watching a series or a movie am I doing something wrong?

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    No, you're not a bad son! I've been through this with my kids - put yourselves in your parent's shoes. How would you feel if you reached out to your mom and dad and you were ignored? they value you and your role in the family. They just care about you and this is a hard phase to go through because it's probably hard to tell what's going on with you. You are so lucky that they want to be involved. There are lots of parents out there that do not. Don't be too hard on yourself - just try to include them once in a while. :-)

  • e9601:
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    2 years ago

    You don't have to have a lengthly conversation with them, just a few words is enough.

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    Why ? , find out. And get better

  • Never feel like that. It’s phase that happens. But every once and a while make the effort to be around them. Talked to them send me a text maybe how your not up to nothing today but it has nothing to do with them. Things like that will go a long way.

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    This is just a phase between your family and yourself, that will pass in a year or so. It's normal for teens - some like to socialise, others like their alone time.

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    No not every teen reacts that way. In fact those that do should have parents that are very concerned.

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    No. It sounds like you just like your alone time. And most guys aren't known for talking about their feelings. So Idk what they expect and if you're anti social then you're anti social sounds like it might just be part of your personality. But if you spend some time with them every now and then they will be less likely to cling to you in the long run.

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    no, but you need to spend tinne with thenn, sonneday they wont be around and you'll regret not having done that

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    You're looking at talking to your parents as an imposition... and you should look at it as an investment. If you invest a reasonable amount of time talking to them, you will gain more time without them hovering over you.

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    Why do you have to be anti social, you can take a break from screen to say hello to your parents.

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