Is EJ Dimera alive or dead on Days of our Lives?

Update: PEGGY MCKAY, WHO PLAYED CAROLINE BRADY PASSED AWAY ON SATURDAY AT THE AGE OF 90. SHE WILL BE MISSED BY MILLIONS OF DOOL FANS. I WATCHED DAYS, FROM 1965(very first episode-2016. I stopped watching it after Joseph Mascolo(Stefano Dimera) passed away.
Update 2: Hi Fireball- I hope he is alive, that would be great. I am just getting back into watching it. On todays show, Nicole wanted to give her child to Eric to raise as his own.... who is the father of Nicole's child? I have been away too long.
Update 3: what happened to the original Kristen (Eileen Davidson? How did Hattie manage to take Marlena's place in a hospital. Yeah, I am asking a lot of questions hoping someone can catch me up, on a couple of things.
Update 4: EJ IS ALIVE!
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