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Evolutionist claim verbally that non-life can give life.How can a thing can give a thing to another thing that it did not possess,ridiculous?

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    Defining life is not easy. Identifying life at the microscopic level. Are viruses alive? It's an on-going debate.

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    Another anon trying to hide while presenting a mess that aonon claims is a question.

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    I know. The idea that a thing called God could give another thing a thing is ridiculous.

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    Try Nature

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    Evolutionists make no such claim. In addition, life coming from non-life has been demonstrated (started with the Miller-Urey experiment - in 1952) by people who study chemistry (not by "evolutionists").

    Mutations (millions every day if you consider all forms of life) do exactly that: two things "without a thing" produce a third thing "with the thing".

    The theory of Evolution (a proposed explanation for how it works*) only claims that once you have life, then you will have evolution. The theory is silent about where the life started from. Darwin was a believer (learned about evolution at the seminary where he was studying, hoping to become an Anglican Parson). He accepted that life came from God, but proposed that God did not have to continuously interfere with the process of evolution. It could be a natural process.


    * Evolution itself is a fact. The Church used it (in 1260) as one of the five proofs of God. They thought (and taught) that it was constantly and directly guided by God. Darwin only proposed one way it COULD work without the need for constant and direct divine intervention. THAT is what annoyed a lot of religious extremists.

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    It is called emergent property. Look it up. For example, water (H2O) has properties that neither oxygen nor hydrogen has, such as the ability to be a liquid at room temperature and the ability to dissolve a lot of chemicals, even though water is nothing more than 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to an oxygen atom. These new properties are known as emergent properties. Similarly biochemicals do not have many properties that living organisms have, and these things living organisms possess are known as emergent properties.

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    No that is not what evolution says.

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    "How can a thing can give a thing to another thing that it did not possess,ridiculous?"

    I am a man. I have a daughter. By your "logic", that is impossible.

    Please, everyone, do try to have at least a functional third-grade level of brainpower before posting in the science section. But thank you to the asker for flagging their stupidity with the "Anonymous" badge.

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      He's like Fisher No Brains!! No brains and no logic just asinine rantings of a mad man. But I do love that, it gives me another opportunity to kick his dumb assss.

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    Theists make the same claim

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