She has feelings for me but not in love?

I met a girl over the summer that i spent a lot of time with. We had a lot of fun together both sexual stuff and good conversations among other things. We talk every day and i enjoy spending time with her. But it seems like she has much stronger feelings for me then i have for her. She texts me several times every day and sometimes she seems serious about me but im not really serious about her. She told me that she has feelings for me and is definitely attracted to me. However last night she told me that she's not really in love with me but feels comfort and security with me and that she can tell me everything. Also want to move and go to grad school and she knows i want to do that soon. She have said to me before that she might move with me if i do but that was before last night. What should i do with her?

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  • Teal
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    She wants a relationship with you and thinks she can change your mind and convince you to commit to her. The only ethical choice is to break up with her and move on for good. You know you don't want to commit, you decided when you met that she was disposable. You should have no issue cutting her loose unless you are a selfish person who is willing to lie for sex. Decide what kind of person you want to be. Very soon she will force your hand and make you decide anyway. There is no walking away with your hands clean.

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