what rat poison should I use to put under the floor deck?

I have a wooden deck floor at my back yard when you get out. I have seen a rat coming in and out of it. there is quite room in-between the ground and deck. I live in Australia and I was wondering what rat bait I should get.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Talon!! All the others are useless. Get the pack of little cardboard boxes.. you just open the top to expose the pellets and pop them wherever (away from pets of course). You can also get black traps that you put a block into.. but only good for mice, rats usually can't get at the bait. And if you just throw the blocks around the rats sometimes drag them around to where pets could get at them.. Bunnings, mitre 10, home hardware, places like that have it.

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  • CB
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    2 years ago

    Whatever they sell should work in the USA we have eliminated the really good kinds with warfarin, but the sodium based baits work well.

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