My philosophy on guitar work. You're thoughts?

I live I'm a 'poor'' town.. If a beginner can only afford a $100 Abileen that's what they can afford. If they ask how can I string it left, I tell them. Is it right? No. BUT if they play it a month of days and are rrally try, who am I to tell them? They will go to a teacher and they will tell them "You're guitar needs set up. It will be easier to play.".

It's a $100 guitar. I'll make it more playable. If they stick to it, many don't, they will want to step up as soon as they can. They'll buy a base Samick hopefully be able to pay the extra for a lefty. If not they bring it to me. I'm not bracing, radius a fretboard on a $200 guitar because they're broke. I make it more than playable and I don't charge what a new braced new fret board or radiusing one cost. I want the kid to play. Not get scared every time he comes to me. I'll sit and talk to them. Save your money and find a lefty. Until then I'll work with you. I do this to help ppl. I charge them what I know they can afford. I've done working musicians, bar band garage bands guitars on fronts. if they can't pay me the rest of what's owed. I won't see them again. IDC. I'm old, I'm retired and my income is fine with or without their money. Do I get boned, sure. It's a risk I can take. If I've made one person happy. I'm happy. I want to give ppl their shot. What's wrong with that?

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  • 2 years ago

    Jimmy Driftwood made his own guitar.

    Also, as far as stringing left handed, Jimi Hendrix and Elizabeth Cotton just flipped a guitar over so the high sounding strings were on top and played that way. (Its called cotton pickin') It a favorite method of self taught left handed guitarists who had to borrow/steal the guitar they learned on.

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