Is she loosing interest in me?

I met a girl over the summer that i spent a lot of time with. We had a lot of fun together both sexual stuff and good conversations among other things. We talk every day and i enjoy spending time with her. She used to text me several times every day. A lot of times texting me how much she wants me and dirty sexual stuff.

However the last few days her texting has slowed down drastically. The last few days i have texted her without receiving any texts from her and she replies less enthused the she used to i think. IS she loosing interest in me? She told me before the she has feelings for me but also told me she's not sure she's in love either.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Yes, stop texting her otherwise you'll seem pathetic. If she doesn't start texting you again then let her go and forget about her.

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