Fading interest or honeymoon phase over?

Im a foreign student in college and about to finish my last semester. i met a girl over the summer. She was falling hard for me and we spent a lot of time together. She also texted me several times a day. When i got back in the US to complete my last semester (going back overseas in December), we continued talking on FaceTime almost every day, and she continued texting me several times a day. That continued of the last couple of months. She texted me dirt stuff like how much she wants me how horny i she gets thinking of me and what she wants to do with me in bed. She also told me she has feelings for me and how safe and secure she feels with me. The past few days her texting have decreased dramatically. I don't seem to get “morning messages” from her anymore and yesterday she didn't text me until late afternoon. She did express she had thought of me the hole day though. Today i have received no texts from her, not yet. We did talk on FaceTime last night and her demeanor seemed very different from before. However at the end of the conversation she did tell me she likes me and stripped naked for me. So it seems she still has interest for me but it doesn't seem as intense as it was in the summer or as recent as last week. Is her interest going away? Or is it a honeymoon kinda face coming to an end?she told me last night she wants to spend a lot of time with me when i get back. At the same time she doesn't seem eagerly attentive anymore like she used to.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    That sounds as if she is trying every trick she knows to get you to sleep with her, and maybe it hasn't worked. Maybe she wants more than just being mildly appreciated? Ask her. You may find you haven't been reciprocating enough. And this might be over.

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