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How many minutes to stir fry chicken strips or cubes for stir fry?

i have the house to myself tonight and want to make a stir fry when my friends come over tonight. if i cut chicken breast into thin strips or like 1 inch cubes, how many minutes do i saute the chicken for a stir fry? a quick google search gives me 5 -20 minutes so i have no idea what is correct. do i use medium heat? Then i remove chicken, cook veggies next, then add chicken back and add sauce?

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    Stir-frying involves frying very hot and fast, with stirring all the time to make sure the food doesn't burn. You want the heat up as far as it will go, and with chicken pieces of that size I think they will be done in 3 minutes.

    Now test - cut a piece open, and if it's white all the way through, it's done. Any longer and it'll be tough. You can't rely on any set times - be a real cook, look for yourself to see if it's done. It depends so much on how big the pieces are.

    Then yes, remove the chicken, stir-fry the veggies until they're soft or how you like them (probably about 5 minutes), chicken back in, add sauce and let it all heat through.

    I have a recipe for chicken chow mein which says exactly this - of course it has noodles as well, and if you want those, boil them in another pan following the instructions, drain the water off and mix those in at the end.

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    5 mins on medium heat.

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    Chicken is fully cooked when it is no longer pink inside. This can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, depending on how hot you're cooking it at..

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    stir fry hardest, densest veggies first--then add in descending order....for instance--if I were doing a chicken, broccoli , mushroom stir-fry...I would add the broccoli first...then the chicken...then the mushrooms. and yeah--just taking a piece of chicken out and cutting it is the best bet...if your chunks are uniform..any piece will do..if not, test biggest piece to make sure all chicken is cooked through.

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    Use high heat and stir-fry until golden brown. Remove from pan/wok and drain. Stir-fry vegetables until hot but NOT soft and mushy. Add meat back in and serve.

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    Stir fry until they are no longer pink. Since the chicken will stay in the pan while you add other ingredients they will cook through.

    So depending on how thin or small you cut the chicken it could be a minute or more. If the pieces are minced very small it will be just a minute or so, if the pieces are much larger it will take longer. So forget the time that you are cooking them look for the color change. You also do not want to cook them completely through as the chicken will over cook by the time you have added everything else and are ready to serve.

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