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Why is it so important to liberals to enslave the world with cultural Marxism and global socialism?

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    It is a centuries old idea to rule the world. All the dominos were just about in place to make it happen, all except that last domino the one that sparked the ignition of the NWO to sweep across the globe and over take each country that uses a central banking cartel. That last domino was Hillary Clinton. Which is why Obama had the illegal surveillance on Trump. The same surveillance that is going to expose all the placed dominos and allow Trump to tip the incomplete schematic to destroy what has been building up with real potential since the early 1900's. Unfortunately it's not just the dems, it's in both parties, but Trump was selected and working with true Patriots in the military to preserve our sovereignty as an individual nation.

    • Other things I found Trump was different from every President of my life time and actually is a wealthy Elite not devoted to ushering in the long train coming [NWO] from probably before 1913 & the fed reserve.

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    11 months ago

    They want everyone to be brought down to black people's level because they feel sorry for blacks

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    11 months ago

    It's actually not all that important to us. On the Official Chart of Liberal Priorities it falls somewhere between 144) Throw a big party, and 214) Get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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    It isn't.

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