Is there anyone who doesn't know what Trump would say in his SOTU speech?

If Trump were to give a State of the Union speech we all know it would be "I am great, everything I've done is great" and then he'd go into "The Democrats are horrible, they hate America, they want terrorists to come into the country" and he'd conclude with the whole "witch hunt" bit. Do we really need to hear that again? Couldn't he just do a SOTU tweet and save us all the time?

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  • 1 year ago
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  • 1 year ago

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is quite correct to not invite Trump to deliver a State of the Union address to the joint session of Congress---a Session that would include the nine Justices of the Supreme Court and our Allied Military Leaders all in one place. Why? Apart from being a strong parental authority figure for the tantrum-prone toddler mind in the White House, the Trump-tantrum shut down of our government includes the Department of Homeland Security, so getting all of our powerbrokers under one roof without the appropriate security in place is just plain stupid as a Trump-insisted-upon monument to his incompetence and xenophobia, a "wall" that Mexico is NOT going to pay for after all in spite of Trump repeatedly insisting "Mexico will pay for the wall."

    Wise parental authority would not allow a destructive spoiled-brat irresponsible emotionally unstable rich-kid toddler demand MORE CANDY! right before din-din even though he has gobs of candy he's been wolfing down most of the day (the $1.5B and $1.6B appropriations from the Continuing Resolutions/CRs that passed both the House and the Senate for "border security" of which only 6% has been used by the Trump people). The wise parental authority figures (in House and Senate) should not give in to this insane toddler's threat to destroy everything in the household if he does NOT get MORE CANDY! MORE! while ignoring the healthy nutritious dinner that awaits him once the tantrum and candy consumption is over.

    The House Speaker does not have to invite the President to address the chamber---it is Nancy Pelosi's prerogative, and now she has shown wisdom and responsibility to the American people by denying government-closing spoiled-brat bully Trump the chance to do exactly what your question's follow-up remarks suggest he will say---self-aggrandizing elephant-poop nonsense that does not comport with the truth.

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    1 year ago

    A 140 character SOTU would be awesome!

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