I've owned my PC for almost 3 years and...?

I needed to re-install W-8.1 again recently and discovered my Windows disk cracked. A friend offered to lend me his original disk. He also gave me some music as well as Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with his original disks. Ever since then my PC doesn't work properly. I have had to re-install Windows 6 times. Now Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 stopped working too. I read that all Windows now are spyware to check what pirated software we've in our PCs.

In addition Mozilla Firefox, my favorite browser, does not work no matter 0how many times I click its icon in my desktop. Soon after that that Google stopped working too.. Also, my mouse pointer now disappears every few

minutes and I cannot use it. Finally my Windows stopped all Updates. Normally after a format-reinstall I would have some 30 or 40 updates to (re) install. I am now convinced that my PC problems in the past 2 weeks are just that. My PC is deliberately being made unusable.

Do you think that I'm right in suspecting that my problems reside in the fact that I used someone's original Windows disk and that all the music he gave me that suddenly disappeared from my Desktop was deliberate deleted by someone who hacks my PC regularly ??! I'm living at the moment on a long term basis in a 3rd world country due to my job and you just cannot find original software here. Everything seems to be pirated, software, & hardware. Thank you for your help/advice.


An example, I am in my second PC in 2 yrs and at least 3 mouses and 2 keyboards.

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  • 2 years ago
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    All the symptoms you listed could be caused by a failing hard drive. Use a tool that can tell the hard drive to run an extended self-test to see if has any errors.

    It's not out of the question that you have spyware on your computer and that someone is deliberately deleting your files, but using the original discs doesn't provide an avenue for that to happen, and normal music files wouldn't, either. So if you haven't installed anything else on your computer, that's probably not the problem.

  • 2 years ago

    You have a virus or trojan contamination. A guess from that information.

  • 2 years ago

    An example, I am in my second PC in 2 yrs and at least 3 mouses and 2 keyboards.. In this country even the hardware is pirated. Finally, when you buy a PC here it does not come with windows. The shop installs a pirated copy of Windows 7, n , 8.1, 10

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