I get attached to things that aren t super important and I need help letting things go. Any suggestions on how?

Long story short, I get attached to certain things that I won t need or ever need again in the near future. For example, I misplaced and I m fairly certain I lost a study guide for my unit 2 in math, but I already took the unit 2 test, therefore I won t need to look at the review page/study guide until finals which is not until May. I feel so pathetic losing sleep over it and I even asked my professor for another copy, which it s stupid I felt the urge to even ask considering I don t need it anymore! I know some people might consider this hoarding and perhaps I am hoarding things, but the fact is, I don t WANT to hold on to little papers or pencils/pens and trivial things that I don t need anymore in the future but I can t get myself to let things go and it drives me insane. Sometimes it gets to an insane point where I double check the trash and the recycling because I want to make sure it wasn t thrown out. I honestly think I have an issue and I want to know how to resolve it. any advice? Sorry this is wrong and I sound like I am a little kid (in a way I do cause I know little kids like this) but I ve dealt with this since I was in 6th grade and I m in college now, and it s killing me inside.



I don't know why it's typing like I' m, it must be my key board, Sorry!

Update 2:

Long, not wrong. Sorry again LOL.

Update 3:

Maybe I do have a hoarding problem though but I honestly feel like it's more than just hoarding.

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  • 2 years ago
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    It sounds like you are having a difficult time - have you ever talked to a professional counselor? Sometimes, certain medications can help calm down your mind so you don't feel so compelled to act on these behaviors that you say are painful for you. In the meantime, you could focus on another matter to distract yourself from what you are focusing on too much--perhaps something healthier like cleaning your living area.

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