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Courageous Chance Vs Money Mayweather Well Rounded Boxer Vs Defensive Counter puncher Age:19 Age:41 Both arrogant & Cocky Who Will win.?

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  • 1 year ago

    Courageous Chance would probably take him out, Floyd Mayweather Jr Is 41 years old and yes Floyd Mayweather Jr has taken on one dimensional fighters, and with the age of Courageous Chance and with him being a Well Rounded Boxer I see Floyd Mayweather Jr throwing his last good shots In one of those rounds,and then the rest Is Courageous Chance, and Courageous Chance will be able to beat Floyd Mayweather Jr at his every game, and It will be quick and sharp due to the age and experience Courageous Chance has, and either This Courageous Chance shows him his generous side and hold him up Into later rounds or either he will go on slaught and get Floyd Mayweather Jr out of there, Courageous Chance W:Round10TKO

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